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Million Onion Hotel

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The Million Onion Hotel is a surreal game that is sure to deliver entertainment

Once you start playing this game, there is no stopping. You will be kept up at night trying to unlock the mystery behind it. Countless people have played and truly enjoyed the unique storyline and like me, they too can attest to the fact that this game has soul. I can rave on and on about the amazing and one of a kind gameplay, but I don't want to give too much away 😉

You would have to play it to find out! 

Even the pixelated art graphics adds to the quirkiness of the game. You will be punched in the gut with nostalgic feels. 

The amazing thing about this game is it gives you a unique experience unlike any other typical mystery game. You will be hooked from start to finish. Don't blame me if you stay up all night trying to unlock the secrets of Million Onion Hotel. 

Even the name sounds like it came from a guy that was off his rockers.

I guarantee you will be in for an interesting ride if you play this game. While playing this, you wouldn't feel quite sure whether you are trapped in a dream.

Telling you what the game is about will take the fun out of it… you better experience it first-hand! Don't worry, it's free!

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