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Miraculous Ladybug e Chat Noir on MyAppFree
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Miraculous Ladybug e Chat Noir

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Defeat villains and breeze through challenging obstacles in this revved up superhero game.

Put your dexterity and quick-thinking abilities to the test in this high-intensity runner game!

Sprint through the picturesque landscape of Paris and collect ladybugs to earn rewards and upgrade our heroes Ladybug and Cat Noir so they can defeat the menacing foes that seek to wreak havoc in your beloved city!

It is now up to you to dash through the game, collect power ups and tokens, and finally come face to face with all of your arch nemesis!

Inspired by the well-beloved series, this game stayed true to the core of the show. It is enjoyable, appropriate for all ages, and full of lively lovable characters!

If you’re looking for a cheery game to keep you entertained and at the same time challenge you...this is the perfect FREE game for you to enjoy for days and days and days on end! 

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