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Badland Brawl

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Badland Brawl is a unique strategy game with lots of fun elements and a high replayability value.

In this highly energized game, you have two bases on opposite sides of the screen the towers spew out a wide range of characters that battle each other and the towers also have the ability to launch weapons. The goal is to destroy your opponent's tower before they destroy yours. 

Unlike other strategy games, in Badland Brawl, you are more involved. So, not only do you choose a unit to attack the tower, you must sling it over to your enemy's territory. This game employs the laws of Physics,so be sure to aim accurately. 

Within your arsenal of weapons are tiny warriors or giant monsters, arrows, bombs of different sizes, even meteors! And so much more! 

So, do not miss out on endless hours of fun and excitement! Download Badlands Brawl for FREE now! 

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