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Tanks A Lot! on MyAppFree
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Tanks A Lot!

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Control a tank and blast your foes to bits in this very exciting tank battle game!

Customise your tanks and dominate the battlefield from a choice of machine guns, artillery, napalm, tasers, railguns, plasma cannons and much, much more! For those who like to get up close and personal there are shotguns; lasers for the tech nerds, and there are towers ideal for snipers who like to shoot long distances. 

Tanks A Lot is a fast-paced 3 vs 3 PvP action game. Playing with your buddies, the goal is to win by making tactical decisions - you stick together and you stay together. Your firepower increases exponentially with two other buddies by your side, so there's no downside in sticking tightly with your teammates.

One of the tricks to winning the game is to find the right weapon at the right time. But fear not - there are many weapons for you to choose inside the War Room. 

As you continually build your score, you can shop for more items from the Game App Store. If you want to upgrade to a particular weapon, keep an eye on the shop now and then. The selections change daily so be sure to check them out. 

Blast those enemy bots away! Free to download!

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