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Dead Zed

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It’s the zombie apocalypse! Fight for your survival!

Dead Zed is an entertaining mobile game featuring tons of fun with a non-intrusive monetization system.

Entering the world of Dead Zed, you are a survivor in a dystopian, apocalyptic world that’s swarming with zombies. Your aim - get the Earth back to its original state, a planet devoid of the undead. To do this, you have to protect yourself from zombie hordes, one place at a time. 

It's an intense FPS that involves you shooting down wave after wave of disgusting zombies, enhancing your arsenal, and being a bit of a badass.

You should expect to weave your way through some 40 + zombie-filled conditions. The difficulty levels are highly satisfying especially when you start mastering strategic crowd control and shooting strategies.

You can knock down any zombie with a single headshot. Pulling off a "Headshot" looks and feels particularly satisfying! While the zombie head burst violently into blood, the word splashed your phone.

At the onset, you have14 different guns to choose from - a handgun, shotgun, submachine gun, and an assault rifle. All of these will be upgradable, and you can only take two with you in one stage at a time.

Dead Zed offers lots of solid fun and enjoyable experience fighting zombie hordes. Best of all, it’s FREE if you download today!

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