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Capsulemon Fight! on MyAppFree
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Capsulemon Fight!

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A fun, visually-pleasing monster slingshot game where you beat opponents and claim victory!

Capsulemon Fight  is a PvP genre action-game in which you control characters directly. It is an enjoyable, thrilling game of combat against other users.

The gameplay is engaging, straightforward, and the combat is fast-paced and looks visually exciting; all the monsters you pick for your team are unique.

Capsulemon Fight designed the growth mechanism to be as simple as possible so that user control and strategy would be assessed by its winnings and losses. As a consequence, users can gain new Capsulemons only with the rewards they earn while actively playing the game. Strengthen and Build your own deck from thousands of possible Capsulemons and skill combos. Earn Mystic Power, eventually raising your rank and then challenge yourself in the ultimate thrill -- join the regular World Tour Arena League.

Don't miss your chance to join in on this strategy game for FREE! Download now!

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