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Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate on MyAppFree
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Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate

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Help the legendary Crystal Breaker fulfill her destiny!

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate is a turn-based tactical game that is strategically demanding and boasts some of the most impressive visuals seen on mobile.

Set within Horizon's surreal world, a kingdom of floating cities, Crystal Breaker must defend her city from the evil General Kaine and his marauding army and his plans of annihilating other heroes. You need to lead your allies and band together so you can fortify the city and expand territories. 

Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate is your classic RPG. It is fast-paced, having total respect of your time as a player. For example, you can just tell the game how much energy you want to spend and it will automatically run through the battle. You could choose to go it by yourself and take the seized regions back, but the game is really created to experience with others.

Start playing this exciting game for FREE and discover the destiny that awaits you!

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