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Dragon Raja

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The most impressive visual experience in the world of free RPG games!

Dragon Raja is one of the most anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in an alternate future. This free RPG game takes place in a steam-punkish like world where old-time myths and magic as well as cybernetics meet head-on. 

Playing Dragon Raja has a realistic vibe to it with day and night cycles and weather changes. You even see your footprints left in the snow as you tread. It also provides comprehensive customization of characters with thousands of different variations to make your hero feel like your own. 

Here, you’ll meet The Dragon Lord and a group of humans called hybrids - entities with superhuman powers. Peace has spread throughout the world but the recent tragic events point to the Dragon Lord's resurgence. 

Now, the human hybrids are converging to prepare for the war that will surely be an epic fight. You can build one-of - a-kind characters with your friends from all over the world to enjoy, discover, and do battle together.

With glowing weapons and flashing neon lights, what’s not to get excited about? 

Install Dragon Raja FREE and create your destiny!

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