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Maze Machina

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In Maze Machina you play as a tiny hero caught in the ever-changing labyrinth of the Automatron.

Who isn’t a sucker for mazes? We all want to know how to get out, and the adventure of going through a variety of mazes just gets our motor running.

Jailed for a period of time and bound by his electric force, you have an obligation to use the tools and tricks the labyrinth is offering you to overcome its unlimited dangers. Instead of conflict, you will better off using cleverness and wit to win the day.

Maze Machina integrates a simple turn-based swipe to move dalliance with a tile-based item system which provides limitless tactical options for attack, defense, and utility moves on an 8x8 grid. 

Quick and short game sessions provide for quick, thrilling gameplay which can be jumped in and out of at any time. You are rated in different modes and high score challenges by comparing your performance with others.

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