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CASE: Animatronics on MyAppFree
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CASE: Animatronics

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To be scared and to be filled with this adrenalin rush for an adventure game will get you going… just don’t turn off the lights if you are easily scared.

This first-person stealth horror available both in App Store and Google Play gives you the challenge of being in the story as an overworked Detective Bishop whose control of the police force was hacked by an anonymous hacker. The question is whether you will be able to escape? But that is not the best part - someone or SOMETHING might be following you. Will you survive the night?

It is highly praised for its graphics which will likely give you endless nightmares. Although the gameplay is basic enough, you will be able to keep moving, solve puzzles, listen, use a tablet to check the camera around, and even hide - wherein the first time that an animatronic finds you is terrifying enough. The villain’s voice acting is quite impressive that can make you feel uncomfortable in so many ways. With its jumpscares that can get you in many ways and remember to avoid any heart attacks.

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