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Crossy Road

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Crossy road is the highly addictive game that took the world by storm!

With a whopping 200 million+ downloads, Crossy Road is the game virtually everyone is hooked on. And honestly, I’m not surprised. This game has truly cracked the code for being the top viral hit! 

The premise is simple. Navigate by tapping on the screen to allow your avatar (you start out as a chicken) to hop forward. The thrilling, yet challenging part of the game are the obstacles that get in your way. Be sure to look both ways! You might get run over by a car. Also, time your jumps perfectly or else you’d fall into the water. 

The game is endless. If you “die” you just continue. You will be playing in other landscapes as the levels progress. There’s the candy wonderland, the harsh & cold Arctic, and even train tracks.

The 8-bit type of animation is also extremely appealing--for all ages!

Grab this app right now! Hop your way over to the Store, because this game is free!

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