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Dan the Man

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If you’re looking for a fresh take on a retro arcade game, then Dan is the man!

After giving this game a try and investing hours into the story mode...I can safely say that Dan the Man is a fun, well-designed game with a unique storyline. This makes it highly replayable. Each level is filled with interesting secrets to unlock. 

The level of difficulty is intensified each level with the introduction of new enemies to vanquish.

The story mode will also keep you on your toes and make you employ different strategies--charge attacks, grab, punches, jumps, shooting-- in order to defeat a variety of enemies. 

The game has an excellent look as well. It immediately takes you back to the times when arcade games littered practically store across the world. The jumping, jabbing, secret areas and the general gameplay pay tribute to the classic 80s-90s games we all love.

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