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RPG Toram Online on MyAppFree
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RPG Toram Online

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Go on perilous quests in this highly customizable role playing game!

I have probably tried every RPG available in the Play Store. And I can honestly say none of them are as fun and as engaging as Toram. Hands down this is the ultimate game to play if you want to get a say in every detail of your virtual character. 

This is probably the only game out there where you are in charge of every element of your character. Hear this out… you get to choose from billions of possible clothing combinations.

After finding the right clothing and armor for your hero the next step is to pick a weapon . You have tons to choose from… once your character is dressed and ready and is wielding your weapon of choice, you of course have to arm them with the proper skills to fight their foes. And guess what? You have free reign of whatever specialty your character will equip themselves in battle. Learn new skills and combo to defeat bosses. And you can even join with friends and play as a team. Amazing right? 

I can go on and on about how great this game is. I haven't even touched on the visually stunning animation yet. This game is worth it. You'd have to download it and play to find out for yourself. Don't take my word for it. Try it out now, don't worry… it's free.

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