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Best apps for Valentine's Day on MyAppFree
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Best apps for Valentine's Day

Today’s collection reviews five of the best apps for Valentine’s Day in 2022.

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Best apps for Valentine's Day

Are you looking to make this Valentine’s Day special for you and your significant other? Do you need help preparing for the most romantic day of the year? Valentine’s Day apps can help you put your act together and plan a memorable day as you celebrate love.

Today’s collection reviews five of the best apps for Valentine’s Day in 2022. We’ve chosen apps that will ease your planning while offering good options of how you’d love to spend your day. 

We provide a brief description for each app to help you make a choice about whether or not it will suit your desires. We also describe what makes each of these apps stand out from the rest of the crowd.

If your search for pristine Valentine’s Day apps has not yielded any fruits, we hope this list will meet your expectations and guide your planning. 

All these apps are available for Android and iOS users. 

1. Welcome to The Arcana. You’re about to enter the interactive world of Vesuvia, the most captivating visual novel full of mystery, love, and romance.

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance - Love Story

In merely seconds, you’ll enter your own immersive, inclusive, otome inspired love story and visual novel.In this captivating romance story you won’t be able to put down, you’re the main character and love interest. Choose your preferred pronouns, make your own choices and romance to your heart’s desire! The Arcana is LGBTQ+ friendly.Brought to you by Nix Hydra, a female founded studio with games loved by over 23 million people.THE ARCANA STORYYou’re a young prodigy tarot card reader. You wake up in a magic shop confused with no memory.A mysterious figure appears that wishes to speak to your mentor but you offer them a tarot card reading instead.They’re intrigued by your reading. They offer you an invitation to the Palace, but for a price: You must uncover the mystery of their murdered partner.You’ll immediately be thrown into the thick mystic interactive story and dating sim, where you’ll rendezvous with many sultry people on your path to uncover the mystery.Each character has many hidden secrets that you discover through your choices. Be careful, your choices and who you decide to romance impact more than just yourself!MEET THE CHARACTERSIntertwine paths with enthralling & stunning characters you won’t be able to take your eyes off of.Win over their hearts, flirt, or stir up drama! In The Arcana, you can play multiple character paths simultaneously or one at a time - the choice is yours.Julian: An exciting and dangerous doctor accused of a vile crimeAsra: Your magical mentor with a wealth of secretsMuriel: A mysterious outsider you encounter in VesuviaNadia: The powerful and intriguing countess of the cityLucio: The dead husband of Nadia who once ruled VesuviaPortia: Nadia’s favorite and most trustworthy handmaidenIf you love interactive story games, LGBTQ games, or play otome, anime, romance, or dating sim games you’ll love who you’re about to meet in Vesuvia.Are you ready to find true love in your very own romance story?HOW TO PLAYOnce inside The Arcana, you can roleplay in up to 21 unique otome-inspired stories taken from the 21 Major Arcana tarot cards.First, you must choose your pronouns. Each episode has endless amounts of options for you to role play. Unlike other dating sims, The Arcana story lets you be who you want and love who you desire.As you interact with characters on your chosen path, you must make decisions quickly or face the consequences!CREATED FOR ALLThe Arcana is the ultimate inclusive visual novel & love game developed by and for players of all sexual orientations & genders.Whether you’re gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, pansexual, or any other orientation, your romance awaits.The Arcana is the ultimate inclusive love story game. A new twist for fans of traditional yuri, yaoi, bl and otome games.We can’t wait to welcome you into our community.

2. Stay Close with Tinkovu

Tinkovu - Long distance friendship

Tinkovu is ideal for folks who can’t always be together. Send tinks notification alerts to your loved ones whenever you think of them. Press the application’s central button to remind your significant other that they are always on your mind. You won’t need to create an account. Enter your nickname, and you’ll be good to go. Send random “I love you back” messages to keep the fire burning as you make plans for Valentine’s Day. Brighten your loved one’s day whenever you remind them that they are always on your mind.

3. Prepare Tasty Dishes with All recipes Dinner Spinner

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Do you want to surprise your significant other with delicious meals this Valentine’s Day? Join the All recipes Dinner Spinner community and make the most personalized recipes for this special day.Organize and share your favorite recipe collections to access them with a click of a button. See which recipes ingredients are on sale in your area to avoid recipe disappointments. The recipe videos offer step-by-step cooking instructions you could follow. Explore your cook’s profile when you need to prepare a quick meal for your loved one. The shopping list feature eases your shopping as you can simply tap to add recipes and ingredients to your shopping list. Have fun in the kitchen as you share lovely moments with your loved one. 

4. Know Each other with the Couple Game

Couple Game: Relationship Quiz App for Couples

Get to know your partner better with Couple Game. The game’s Relationship Quiz is ideal for new lovers and newlyweds. Explore a comprehensive quiz pack of every topic you can consider. Learn about your partner’s hobbies, favorite dishes, preferred holiday destinations, etc.Are you in a long-distance relationship? The Couple Game is ideal for couples looking to stay in touch in a heart-warming way. Feel closer than ever with the personality quizzes.The chat feature lets you flirt as you get to know each other better. Remind yourself about your loved one’s preferences when you get stuck for holiday destinations, perfect date night ideas, or gift ideas this Valentine. 

5. Start dating with eharmony

eharmony online dating for you

Are you ready to find your next love based on compatibility and connection? Eharmony can help you find real love and make this holiday special. This dating app comes with a compatibility matching system that ensures that all your matches have the qualities you desire. The app features a compatibility quiz to identify what you want from a relationship. The results of this quiz create your Personality Profile about your character, communication style, lifestyle, and relationship behavior – share this Valentine’s Day with someone who matches your desires. Finally, the Match List gives you access to the profiles of prospective partners. Eharmony comes with communication features that help you make an impression on your match and get to know them better.
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