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Best News Apps on MyAppFree
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Best News Apps

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Television news channels, newspapers, and the internet have for the longest time been relied upon to update us with happenings around the world. However, with busy schedules trying to make a living, not everyone gets sufficient time for them. Luckily, there are now apps that make it easier to find out what’s happening on the go!

Whenever there is breaking news, trending news, or an important happening a notification is sent to your phone. You can then choose to get wind of what’s interesting and ignore what’s not. Either way, news apps always keep you updated and informed. 

Below are among the best news apps available today.

1. Over a hundred news sources


If you prefer to read rather than watch news updates, PARP is for you. With over a hundred top magazines and newspapers – you’ll never miss a thing! Be it politics, business, fashion, technology, gossip, or gaming news, all the latest updates are provided under one roof. The app uses a modern, clean, and organized design that makes it easy to sift through the many publications available. Expect to find news from top-rated publishers such as New York Times, Vogue, National Geographic, Vanity fair, The Washington Post, Elle, TMZ, and Wall Street Journal among others. Each of these offers different topics and a unique approach to given stories. You can be sure to always get the latest copy from each of these publishers! What’s more, you can subscribe to either of them and get a notification whenever they update or post anything new. The app comes at absolutely no cost, but if you so wish, you can upgrade to the premium version and upgrade unlimited access to all the app has to offer.Download it today and delight in reading the topics and news you are interested in across multiple publications!

2. Renowned source

The New York Times

The New York Times app is master at providing users with authentic news and top-rated stories. You’ll receive links to breaking news within the shortest time possible and get exclusive access to first rates videos and photography. Also, whenever special events and cultural stories occur you can follow live coverage right from the app! Your viewing experience is taken a notch higher as you can follow stories through innovative formats like augmented reality and 360-degree video! If you would rather listen to podcasts, there are a variety of worthwhile ones including The Daily and Modern Love. You may also take a break and have some fun playing wordplay with the daily crossword mini-puzzle. The app is accessible either via WIFI or mobile data. Regardless, the app will always give preference to a Wi-Fi connection and will only use your data in its absence.

3. Great widget for your home screen

Microsoft News

The app only works with top journalists and publishers to deliver credible breaking news and top stories across the world. These include the Washington Post, CNN, Insider, Reader’s Digest, CNBC, and Larry Brown Sports, just to mention a few. As you can see from the combo, these sources deliver news based on a variety of topics including news, opinion, gossip, lifestyle, business, and sports. You can pick out the topics that interest you and add them to your feed to receive quicker updates. You may also sync your preferences across the app and web! The app’s seamless design enables easy access to story after story, and moves across various sections. Features such as the night mode make reading at night convenient! If you have installed many apps on your phone, you may find it cumbersome to locate the app every time. To curb this, you may simply add a widget to your home screen. That way, whenever a notification is sent to your phone, you can pop in, quickly check what’s up and get back to what you were doing. Download Microsoft News for free on either Apple Store or Google Play Store and always stay updated!

4. Choose your favorite topics

Google News

Most of the time you may not find every piece of news you come across interesting. Google news perfectly handles this by enabling you to single out your favorite topics and sources from the variety available. Thus only what you care about hits your news feed! If a particular story profoundly captures your attention, you can get it from different perspectives by searching using the keywords surrounding the particular story - all the recent headlines on the same will then pop up from a variety of sources. You may either choose to go through each of the stories if you have time, or download them via WiFi and read them later when offline.With Google news, you can be sure that no breaking news will catch you unawares as the headlines tab offers an unfiltered view of the latest reports from all over the world.The app's design and layout make it easy to find and follow the sources you like. You may also subscribe to them using your Google account – within the same app! Download Google News today and enjoy these among other numerous benefits!

5. Great collection of news channels

Flipboard - Latest Stories

The app brings together a variety of news sources including, the New York Times, CNN, Politico, Axios, and Forbes among others. Each will keep you apprised with breaking news, the latest headlines and trending events. There is also a collection of superb channels to keep you up to date with news on specific topics such as business, sports, lifestyle & wellness, food & cooking, travel, home & gardening, entertainment, and style. To sieve out what you are not interested in is a customization feature that helps you bundle together only your favorite channels and magazines in your home feed. The app also makes use of smart algorithms to deliver top stories and undiscovered gems. You can curate your personal favorites by collecting different stories and adding them to a personal magazine.Depending on your preference, you can choose to follow stories by reading magazines or watching a combo of videos from different sources. The icing is that all these feature come at absolutely no cost! Download the app from either the Apple store or Google play store and stay updated at all times.
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