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Best Apps for Payments on MyAppFree
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Best Apps for Payments

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Thanks to technology, transfer of cash from one person to the other is now easier, faster and more convenient. You no longer have to queue at the bank or handle loads of bills which can be quite unsafe!

Whenever you need to send someone some cash, split a check with your friends, purchase goods or pay for a service you can safely do so via an app - given that both you and the party involved have downloaded it. The transfer is instant and reliable! 

Below are 5 of the best payment apps available today.

1. Nexi Pay allows you to control your budget and make easy payments in installments

Nexi Pay

Nexi Pay is an Italian payment card that seeks to revolutionize how we view card payment. Nexi Pay gives you control of all your credit card statements and lets you take charge of all card limits and security services. You also get to check your expenses in real-time.Nexi Pay allows you to control your budget and make easy payments in installments. The minimum deposit when paying with installment is 250 euro. The app also has a great rewarding program that lets you earn points anytime you make transactions with your cards. These points are easily redeemable and can be used to purchase a couple of things when using the card.Nexi Pay is only available to Italians and is compatible with iOS and Android. Download or update Nexi Pay on your phone and let your card work for you!

2. ith a PayPal account, you are assured of top-notch security

PayPal: Mobile Cash

PayPal is arguably the oldest of all payment apps. It’s history can be dated back to 1998, having made its name as the most preferred form of payment by eBay users and a digital wallet. Since then, the payment company has expanded to become one of the most dominant names in online payment!Creating an account with PayPal is easy, as you only need to fill in the required information. Once you create your account, you need to connect PayPal with your bank account for you to begin receiving or sending money to other PayPal users.If you don’t want to keep logging in every time you need to access your PayPal account, you can activate the PayPal One Touch feature, which lets you skip the login process by auto-logging you in. With a PayPal account, you are assured of top-notch security!Additionally, you don’t get charged for any peer-to-peer payments you make within the US. However, if you decide to make peer-to-peer payments using debit and credit cards, you will have to part with a 1% fee. There are, however, no purchase-related fees, and you can, therefore, buy for free using PayPal. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

3. The best thing about Paysend is its transparency

Money Transfer App Paysend

Paysend allows you to make card-to-card money transfers to up to 90 countries. If you have a MasterCard or Visa debit card, you are eligible to use Paysend for your money transfers. Paysend lets you send money with a low fee of $2 in the USA or equivalent currency for other international transfers.With Paysend, you don’t need to pay any monthly fees to avoid account foreclosure. You can also register for free in the app, which makes it cooler! The best thing about Paysend is its transparency. Before you make any transaction in the app, you get a display of the transfer fees, the exchange rate, and the amount of money that the cash recipient will receive.Another great thing is that the transactions only take a few seconds, and your loved one or friend gets the money you sent them. In case of any issues with the app, customer care is always on 24/7 standby to help you out. Paysend is compatible with both iOS and Android.

4. Easy to use, 0 commissions

Google Pay: Save, Pay, Manage

Google provides its users with tools to do practically anything they want online. With Google Pay, the search giant enables you to send money without worry. The payment app even lets you send someone money using Gmail. Yes! You heard that, right!Google integrates your Gmail account with Google Pay to allow you send money. If you have a Google account, you are, in effect, signed up for Google Pay. It is as simple as that! Google Pay is easy to use and currently has zero fees for sending or receiving money.Google Pay also supports coupons, student ID cards, movie tickets, and store cards. It allows you to send a maximum of $10,000 in one transaction with your phone, watch, or tablet. Alternatively, you can choose to send $10,000 in a week.You also don’t need to worry about how secure the app is. It is layered with security, and any card numbers are swapped with virtual numbers, thus keeping your information safe! Google Pay is compatible with both Android and iOS.

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