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The Best Dating Apps on MyAppFree
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The Best Dating Apps

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As human beings, we are designed to grope towards social interactions. It's innate. A part of a natural process we cannot ignore. Take a look at some of the global trends, you'll notice that a lot has to do with person to person interactions without which the world would be a sad, gloomy place.

Now that we all silently crave to share bits of ourselves with someone special, dating has proven to be an enchanting phenomenon.  The idea of meeting someone new, perhaps even progressing to life-changing events such as marriage, can be thrilling!

Most of the time, hitting it off with an ideal candidate can be tough. Even with the help of social events, liquor and night clubs this can still be an uphill task. This is where dating apps come to your rescue - their chief mantra being, you are not single and lonely, but single and ready to mingle!

Here are some of the best lovable sites available today

1. Gigantic community

Badoo — Dating. Chats. Friends

Now amongst the top-notch players, Badoo cannot go unnoticed. Judging by numbers, it is the biggest online dating website there is, with an insanely huge following that approximately adds up to over 485 million members.  Crazy, right?In case you’re wondering what makes it so special, for starters, privacy and security is anything far from superficial. Unlike other social apps where you stand a chance of being catfished, with Badoo, there is enough ammunition to prevent such occurrences.Take for instance the photo verification process. An anti-scam feature ensures you truly are a real human being and not an impostor. Aside from this, Badoo cares to know your sexual orientation whether (straight, gay, or bi-sexual) and uses this information to locate like-minded suitors. Still on the strengths, the app allows users to state their intentions from jump. Are you looking to chat or anticipate something more than that? This way you have higher success rates depending on what your interests are!You can equally connect with friends from other social media platforms with the same app. And to further spruce things up, you can request a profile boost.

2. Highly focused on local dating

happn — Dating app

Happn stands as one of the highest-rated dating apps with over 90 million members. The ingenious idea and technology behind this app have left its competitors baffled. Think about it for a second. The many times you’ve had a chance to initiate a conversation with a striking personality but somehow, they managed to slip away.  And you’re left thinking, “such a bummer!”Well, worry no more, because happn gives you a second chance at love. It works by helping you connect with people you cross paths with every day in the mall, bus-stop or any other place, affording you the rare opportunity to make a lasting impression. Upon close contact, his or her profile automatically pops up on your phone, so you can make a move in case you missed your first shot.If you wish, you could expand your search area to get plenty more potential candidates.  Dating experts recommend this app not only because of its witty invention, but also because it is a practical aid for shy people. So next time you sum up enough courage, happn will be right there to afford prime opportunities.

3. Virtual currency based

MeetMe - Go Live, Chat & Meet

Rarely do you hear of a dating app that intermingles strangers and while at it, allows you to make money too!  A stimulus combo! But hey, there’s no telling just how far designers can go when eyeing potential sales.Meet ME was initially introduced as a platform merely for making new friends, but with time, its overall tone has adjusted to more of a dating site. The age limit here is not as constricting, considering teenagers as young as 13 years are eligible to membership. And the range keeps widening, extending to 40’s and beyond.Due to this flexibility, users from various age brackets are likely to find a match - several for that matter! To add on, MeetME allows for first-hand user interactions via the option of going live, video calls, a designated chat room as well where strangers can discuss topics of any nature.But to really have a feel of the app’s intrinsic value, let’s take a look at the rewards.  MeetME utilizes virtual currencies, diamonds to be specific, which can later be cashed out upon reaching set numerical points. The more friends you have, the more diamonds you earn.Seeking to jump at this golden opportunity? MeetME is only a few clicks away!

4. The most popular dating service

Tinder - Dating New People

Now Lovoo may be a fairly fast app, but its glory steadily faints when compared to Tinder. Here is why. Customarily, the criteria most dating apps utilize is a question-based matching feature. It involves filling out a set of questions that help filter countless potentials and instead narrow down to one(s) that might actually be more compatible.Tinder however is more of a leave to chance kind of app. It allows you to determine compatibility for yourself so you don't need to undergo the taunting wait that comes with data matching processes. For users who prefer to cut to the chase, this just might be the perfect app!Besides this, Tinder offers optimum usability. Rather than fill in your personal information from scratch, when you choose to proceed with your FB account, basic details such as name, age, are pulled from this platform. The remainder information only requires a brief polish up and voila, you’re done!Once you spot someone you like, follow to swipe right. Swipe left to ignore parties you’re not interested in. Once both users like each other’s profile, you will be able to exchange messages.Tinder is now available for download on both Google store and Apple store. Hurry up and get it today!

5. Over 70 millions users


Lovoo was launched back in 2011 and has about 9 years of experience in the online dating business. Statistics show that it is one of the fastest-growing social apps bringing together over 70 million users from all over the world.An interesting fact about Lovoo is that the majority of the members are men! Particularly so men from England states, Germany, France and Italy, just to highlight a few. So if you think about it, this adds up as good fishing ground for single ladies with a preference for these nationalities.Another reason why Lovoo is such a house-hold name has to do with the set-up ease. The process is crystal clear with hardly any complexities.  After filling in your personal information, a couple more consequent questions, you're all set. From this point, you gain access to consumer services which include:Finding new peopleChatting without matchFinding out who likes youSeeing live who is nearbyFor lovers who like to test the waters without rocking the boat, Lovoo has a unique feature that allows you to browse website features with an incomplete profile, excluding even your profile photo. Imagine that!Get this amazing app on your mobile device today for absolutely free!
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