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Best Character Creation Games on MyAppFree
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Best Character Creation Games

Because customizing is half the fun

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There's one main reason that games featuring extensive character creation are so popular: customizing a game character can be just as addicting as the game itself!

That's why we've scoured the best games on the market for the most exciting and rewarding character creation games.

Below, we've included a variety of RPGs that feature interesting game mechanics, customizable characters, and unique features that make these games so fun to play.

Whether fans enjoy fantasy, humor, MMORPG, or dungeon crawlers, we have covered all bases. 

In this post, we'll share our top picks for the best mobile character creation games available on the market today. 

For each, we've provided a brief rundown of what the game involves, the style of gameplay, and any unique features we think are worth mentioning. Hopefully, this will help players decide for themselves whether to pick up these games. Plus, they're available on both Android and iOS. 

Let's get started.

1. Finally, Dungeon Quest is perfect for those who enjoy Diablo-style action RPGs. An offline, procedurally generated dungeon crawler with truly randomized floors, weapons, items, and armor.

Dungeon Quest

Fight legendary bosses in four acts with a wizard, rogue, or warrior. Character creation is limitless, with an infinite number of items to find and upgrade the hero. Choose the level difficulty and adjust the rewards accordingly. Want to try playing with other teammates? Players can bring in other characters and pets to fight alongside and beat the bosses. Competitive players can try the Battle Arena mode, playing against friends in a quest for the very best loot.

2. A MMORPG that steers away from the fantasy genre, players are students at a high school during a zombie invasion. The simplistic graphics add a humorous element to gameplay - but don't underestimate what it has to offer.

School of Chaos Online MMORPG

This is an open-world sandbox game, so players have free roam of the entire school. Character creation provides billions of combinations so no one character looks the same. Battle against thousands of other players in real-time, looting helpful weapons and armor along the way.There's even a custom quest building mechanic, enabling players to make their own quests for others to try their hands at.

3. For players who love in-game lore, Era of Legends is an MMORPG with a rich history and backstory. Many factions are fighting for victory, turning the land of Eminoor into a war-torn battleground.

Era of Legends - Shadow of War

This game stands out with its auto-fight feature, allowing players to control some or all of their characters' moves. The character creation is flexible and fun, with eight classes and countless skill specializations. Using pets helps players advance through the game. Finally, the game itself is expansive and takes some time to explore, so there’s never a dull moment. Choose from side quests, raids, and battles in PvP battlegrounds.

4. For an impressive MMORPG experience, try Arcane Legends. Players can explore a 3D world with a variety of beautifully designed environments. Character customization allows players to choose from three classes with many different skills and countless items to make heroes unique.

Arcane Legends MMORPG

Take part in PvE and PvP battles, including three competitive modes for an immersive gaming experience. When playing, users can collect and grow their pets to help them with quests. Looting is fun and expansive across the dungeons, too. Find thousands of items to upgrade character stats and advance in the game to save the land of Arlor.

5. A classic style MMORPG with weird and humorous twists, Adventure Quest 3D suits casual and hardcore gamers alike. Unique hero character creation allows players to build their own heroes using one-of-a-kind weapons, cosmetics, and classes.

Adventure Quest 3D MMO RPG

This game has everything an RPG fan could want. Travel across the in-game universe by transforming into dragons, birds, and other creatures. Play with friends in dungeons, raids, or go solo. Adventure Quest 3D features regular updates from the developers, so there's always something new to check out in-game. Plus, it's cross-platform, meaning users can carry saved data to different devices.
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