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Best Heritage Apps on MyAppFree
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Best Heritage Apps

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For anyone who has ever wondered who belongs to their family tree, heritage apps can help provide answers and discover relatives they never knew existed.

There are many ways that people can benefit from understanding more about their heritage, from learning their roots and traditions to connecting with different relatives from around the world.

Heritage apps are exciting! They allow everyday people to learn their family history. For some, this is a way to connect with their ancestors and family traditions. These apps are life-changing in some cases – imagine connecting with a long-lost family member. Heritage carries with it the value of identity, and these heritage apps are allowing users to discover themselves in a way that wasn’t possible before.

The benefits of these apps and their services are of course, only as good as the apps. Heritage apps will only allow the user access to these wonderful benefits if they are not accurate and reliable. This list of 5 popular heritage apps is here to help those interested in learning more about themselves, their family, and their culture. All of these apps are available for both iOS and Android devices.

1. A wonderful tool for users to preserve family memories and oral histories.

FamilySearch Memories

Imagine the history the world would know if these tools had been around centuries ago. There is an audio icon in the top right hand of the app which allows users to create new memories and upload them to a family tree. The app includes access to some of the largest databases in the world making it an incredibly useful tool for researching ancestors. The ability to preserve family history through the use of audio makes this app uniquely useful.

2. A free option for heritage searching

FamilySearch Tree

One main feature about FamilySearch Tree is that it is free. It is the app that accompanies the FamilySearch Family Tree. It gives users access to thousands of names and family trees and it also allows them to upload media. It does this exceptionally well by providing mostly free access to records. The app lets users edit their profiles and makes it easy to access their family trees. It also lets them add and keep profiles of their relatives up to date. Because these records are created by the public and for the public, there could be some accuracy issues due to human error. On the other hand, it allows for correction of these errors too, so the information should still be highly accurate.

3. A complete DNA kit, ready for analysis


As the name might suggest, Ancestry DNA belongs to the Ancestry group of DNA companies. Ancestry DNA costs $99 and includes a kit and two-way shipping. How it works is by analyzing the user’s DNA and integrating that data with their DNA database. Ancestry DNA is a heritage app that creates a profile and helps to find relatives by cross-checking the user’s profile with millions of other DNA profiles that it has already taken. Like Ancestry, this heritage app is easy to use, with great databases at its disposal.

4. A massive DNA database

Ancestry: Your family story

Ancestry works by giving the user access to an absolutely massive network of heritage and DNA databases. This app may be well suited for amateur genealogists as well as regular users. They have plans ranging from the U.S. Discovery plan at $19.99 per month or $99 every six months at the low end to the All-Access plan at $34.99 per month or $149 for six months. This heritage app gets top points for user-friendliness, however, so users do get what they are paying for. The interface is intuitive and easy to learn.

5. The leader app in heritage research

MyHeritage - Family tree

Founded in 2003 in Israel, this company is a leader in DNA and genetic testing. They are well known for having very accurate testing and are well regarded in the space. They suffered a data-breach a couple of years ago, the company began using 2-factor authentication, so it would appear that they learned their lesson.  MyHeritage gives users a look at some of the raw information about their genetic makeup, and it represents a top tool in family tree research.
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