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Best Free Open World Games on MyAppFree
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Best Free Open World Games

A great selection for 2021

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Who doesn’t enjoy and appreciate free open-world games?

The good news is that every year, great new open-world games appear on the market, ready to be tried and tested by players hungering for new entertainment, and previously pay-only games become available for free.

In today’s blog, we review five of the best mobile open-world games available for free in 2021. We’ve chosen ones that represent different genres to give you a good selection with plenty of variety.  

For each game, we provide a brief description (enough for you to decide whether or not it’s the type of game you’re looking for) along with what makes it deserving of being called one of the best free open-world games of the year.  

If you’ve searched for engaging, new open-world games and come up empty-handed, we hope this list will satisfy your craving and keep you entertained, free of charge, for blissful hours of escape.

The year is young and additional games are sure to come out, but for now, this list provides the best of what 2021 offers, in our opinion, in free open world mobile games. All are available for Android and iOS.

1. Embark into the strange and the unknown in Sky: Children of the Light, a delightful role playing game

Sky: Children of the Light

Discover an unfolding tale as you get to explore a colorful yet mystical world of Sky: Children of the Light, a role playing game (RPG) on mobile.The free RPG on mobile is a multiplayer, aesthetic game where players like yourself can team up with friends as well as strangers and solve the mysteries of the universe. Each player is free to fly at their own speed across the game's 3D environment. On your journey, you'll have the opportunity to exploit your flying abilities to explore the game's vast lands.You can challenge the whole game as a solo player, but when you team up with a few friends, it’s definitely going to be much more fun. Exploration is important, and since there are a lot of hidden secrets to discover, it will reward those who spend their time discovering every nook and cranny.Sky: Children of the Light enables you to customize your character in many different ways. When you go exploring seven different worlds, you can do alongside other players, you will be impressed with the visuals and soothing sound.Solve quests in order to reveal and reunite the family of the seven ancestors who have been tragically separated in the kingdom. Discover these family’s origins and build meaningful and magical friendships with each member. Uncover hidden treasure and share your riches to friends to show appreciation. Lift your wings to the unknown lands, support the starving kingdom people and lead them to a better path.Install for FREE and fly high and soar![[badge_download]]

2. Where Fantasy And Adventure Blend Perfectly

Utopia: Origin

This entry in our list of the best free open-world games of 2021 is a sweet game for teens and older that takes you to a paradise where you can be yourself. Utopia: Origin – Play In Your Own Way brings you to a fantasy world where you can have grand adventures just by exploring this inviting world and interacting with whomever you meet.Danger lurks even here in this magical Utopia, to keep you on your toes. But this game from HK Hero Entertainment also brings you opportunities to build your dwelling, fly on magical creatures, ride wild horses, and enjoy life on your terms!

3. A Crime World For Grown-Ups Only

Gangstar New Orleans

Looking for free open-world games that take you straight to the underworld? This offering from Gameloft SE delivers what you’re searching for. Rated M, Gangstar New Orleans open-world brings you the best of the crime world in a setting that includes everything from biker gangs to Voodoo priests.Use your cunning to outrun the law as you bust through city districts and hide in the bayou. In this action-packed shooting game, you can customize your gangster look, side with your gang against rivals, and even build your own luxurious mansion, complete with private boats and helipads.   

4. Crazed Zombies In A Post-Apocalyptic Landscape

Dark Days: Zombie Survival

Zombies, weapons, and bunkers, oh my! This rated T action game puts your survival skills to the test as you build shelters away from destroyed cities to live through the onslaught of the walking dead. You’ve survived an epidemic and nuclear bombs, but can you survive the hordes of zombies coming after you and your friends?Made by Azur Interactive Games, Dark Days: Zombie Survival brings you one of the best mobile open-world survival environments around. This action game tests you in every way, whether you’re gathering resources, building shelters, or staying away from those pesky zombies.

5. Adventure On A Mysterious Island

ARK: Survival Evolved

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to tame dinosaurs and other primal creatures, ARK: Survival Evolved is for you. Brought to you by Studio Wildcard, this rated T adventure game takes you to a Jurassic-era world where you can work together with others to form tribes on a prehistoric island.One of the best parts of this mobile game is discovering the more than 80 different dinosaurs roaming through this ecosystem and strategizing how to tame them. A true survival game where those who band together and cooperate can get ahead faster, but it also works for solo players who want to survive alone. You can group with or prey on others … the choice is yours!
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