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Disaster Office

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Not every day it's the same in this office! Play as our hero Jim, a regular office guy with nothing in his mind but to do his paperwork! Stamp & file, sounds easy... but, watch out! Dodge, jump, duck, kick and hide are part of the job too in this place!

This arcade platform game presents six different stages that you must unlock:
- Monday: a giant Monster (a really big one) attacks the city! Evade those falling rocks!
- Tuesday: the Volcano is erupting! The floor is lava, so you must jump a little!
- Wednesday: it's a little cold in here! Dodge the snowballs they throw at you!
- Thursday: some bomb throwing Ninjas attack the office! Better return those grenades kicking them!
- Friday: oh no! Zombies! Hide from the walking dead, or kick 'em if you want!
- Payday: your boss will give you your pay, but watch out!

Try to make a hi-score before the day ends, or before you get KO!
Compete with your friends in the Leaderboards and get the Achievements for being the ultimate office worker!

** Features **
► Old school looking graphics (Pixel art, yay!)
► Awesome soundtrack!
► 6 different levels. Each day a different action to perform!
► Endless mode! How long can you last?

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