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Game Master 5th Edition on MyAppFree
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Game Master 5th Edition

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Speed Up Game Time

What DM wants to spend three months writing out a campaign on paper or even on a word processor?

Apps can do all the hard work now.

DMs can spend less time in the mechanics of world-building with Game Master 5th Edition.

Dungeon masters can track combat, hit points, initiative, and condition of players. There’s no more need to look at charts and tables while someone flips through a reference book. Those are all here, waiting to be discovered through a light spell.

Anyone can look up details of races, places, equipment, spells, backgrounds, and classes for an easy reference tool that can’t be beat.

Well, except maybe with an aging spell that makes the DM look like someone in their 90s who loves writing things out on paper the old-fashioned way.

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