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Mario Kart Tour on MyAppFree
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Mario Kart Tour

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Nostalgia and pure fun have been packed into Mario Kart Tour...a supercharged game for all ages!

Mario Kart has been around for ages--27 years to be exact! This game has stood the test of time. In fact, with over 10 Million downloads, it is more beloved now than ever!

This game has managed to stay on the top as it still manages to bring fresh and exciting elements.

Play against other self-professed Mario Kart masters by racing through tracks littered with obstacles at breakneck speeds. 
Amp up the adrenaline rush and use wacky weapons to slow down your opponents. Oh, did I mention that the race tracks are modelled after actual cities around the world? Look out for unique details in every different racetrack you drive on.
I’m telling you now, this game delivers insane amounts of fun and competition. This is your chance to show-off and employ every possible strategy you have in order to climb up the online leaderboard.

Do not miss out on this uber cool game. Download it now for ZERO dollars!

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