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Dots & Co: A Puzzle Adventure on MyAppFree
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Dots & Co: A Puzzle Adventure

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Enjoy countless hours of pure fun and give your brain a good workout with Dots & Co.

How many times have you sat through a boring lecture with nothing better to do or queued in a long line with nothing to entertain you? Well, we have all been in a situation like that. Dots & Co is the answer to this dilemma. 

Not only will you be entertained by solving the puzzles but at the same time, this game is a good exercise for your mind. Just connect the same-colored dots with each other to finish a level. I bet you think it's pretty easy… But let me warn you,  this game gets pretty tough at times. There are some levels where your ability to strategize and really think, will be put to the test. But this is what makes the game enjoyable--the challenge! 

Each level you finish brings you closer to unlocking a new beautiful landscape. So keep going at it! 

Also, one neat feature is the 'color blind mode'. The devs have thought of everything. In order for their game to be enjoyed by color blind people as well. 

Go check this game out now--for FREE! 

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