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Great games from May on MyAppFree
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Great games from May

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Some of the best games from May 2021

May 2021 was another great month of amazing apps and games developers here on myAppFree.

Here for you is a fine collection of the best free games we had on our calendar during last May.

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1. Samurai Brawler Game with Co-Op Play

Clan N

Defend the Ancient Far East in This Samurai Arcade GameBrawlers, unite! Lead the battle against the forces of darkness in this epic brawler game. Enter the world of Clan N, a samurai group from the Far East, sworn to protect the realm from enemies and challengers. Choose your character of shinobigatana-wielding ninja Akira, the staff-striking Reina, the dual sword-swinging Daiki, and the sickle-slashing monk Tarou… all highly-trained samurais in this fun arcade game!Slash, flip, and punch your way through 7 levels divided into more than hundreds of sections, keeping you brawling and defending Clan N from anyone who stands in your way. Fight with light or heavy attacks to progress wisely and beat each challenging stage. Unique, magical powers fit each character’s storyline and the fast-paced nature of Clan N sweeps you across the Ancient Far East landscape. Mystical, eastern-inspired music and sound effects immerse you in the sword-wielding world of ancient powers.Fight as a solo samurai or with your friends. Clan N can be played co-op with up to four bot players; grab your friends as you defend the realm and keep the balance of the universe. As the main samurai, you can play with real-life friends or let bot players offer a unique challenge! Co-op play is fun and lets you work with your friends to fight your way through this classic gameplay. Brawling is better with your pals!An indie, brawler game, fight difficult bosses through challenging levels with slick and clean pixel-based graphics. Choose the modern or classic interface, depending on your style, and tutorials pop up along the way to guide your journey. A simple, easy-to-understand interface offers hours of fun by yourself or in a co-op setting, a powerful, samurai victory will be yours in Clan N![[badge_download]]

2. Battle Through Levels with Your Cubie

Cubie Adventure World

Super cute, bright, and immersive - meet the adorable squad of Cubie Adventure World! Free to play and suitable for all ages, this adorable game is full of taps, jump, and with one-touch gameplay on your tablet or phone, as you navigate through the mesmerizing, eccentric Cubie World. Meet sweet Cubie friends, and roll your way to the top of the leaderboard!Adorable characters, fun Cubies and Cupets await your selection. Pick your favorite crew member, and even make friends to unleash special bonus effects for your Cubie! Bonus effects let you stack and combo your skills to fight the bosses.Run and spin your way through the engaging, tough terrain - don’t be mistaken; Cubie Adventure World is not your average walk in the park. It’s a great mobile game full of adventures, obstacles, lethal traps, and enemies at every turn through this fast-paced, energetic world!Battle of the bosses through each stage, dominating your enemy by timing your taps on the one-touch gameplay, stacking combo bonuses, and perfecting your unique attack style!You don’t even need Wi-Fi to play this free mobile game for all ages. Enjoy the immersive world of Cubie Adventure World, running from level to level, boss to boss, and you can even show off different records in the world ranking leaderboard! Grab your friends, and let them choose their favorite, adorable Cubie to battles through the hundreds of levels.Want a challenge? Embrace Crazy Mode! Go wild with your adorable Cubie to truly test your limits and be the master of your own adventure! But be careful - Crazy Mode is not for the faint of heart and allows no mistakes! The perfect time-passer for all ages, this free mobile game is the best blend of sweet pets and wild times![[badge_download]]

3. Drifty Runaway is a fast car chasing game with an addictive mechanic and intuitive controls, where the main objective is to survive the longest time without being caught by the police.

Drifty Runaway

Use power-ups to advance in the race and cause more destruction around different and colorful scenarios.Dodge obstacles while collecting coins and gems that you can use to repair and decorate your cars, or buy a new one.Collect all the RUNAWAY letters and unlock invincibility for a limited time and collect all the coins you can!Don’t forget to triplicate your rewards at the end of the level!Compete with the world on being the best drift racer. Reach number one on the leaderboard for each scenario.Choose from a great, and always growing, collection of amazing, legendary, and famous cars, each with unique features that will improve your racing mode. Look at the engine, health, speed, and damage, find which one fits your gaming mode.Decorate your car with funny-looking hats and trails, and have your car look unique to share it with the world.Come back every day and collect your daily rewards.

4. Super Cookie Brick Breaker, a sweet looking, fun, arcade game whose keys are ability and good work.

Super Cookie Brick Breaker

If you enjoyed Arkanoid, if breaking bricks of candy can keep you hooked on the screen, Super Cookie Brick Breaker is the game you´ll fall in love with.Hundreds of steps to discover, lots of candies, and exciting worlds to discover.At each stage the bricks are different. Scoop around chocolate, ice cream, lollipops, and candy while you fight vicious enemies freeing new friends to play with.Pay attention to the piggish POWER UPS!When you break the bricks sweet pills falling from the skies give you powers: large pad, super ball, rapid ball, extra life, magneto, multi-ball, slow ball, or small ball. Be careful, some of these powers can complicate your round and your life! Stay away from them if you can!Back and forth destroying bricks: simplicity and fun at the same time.
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