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World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game on MyAppFree
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World of Warships Blitz: Gunship Action War Game

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Master the art of naval warfare with the most heart-racing and immersive game of warship battles!

Get ready to go on an all-out war with other ships in the most epic naval battle ever! 
You will be battling players from around the globe in a fight to sink your foes before they torpedo you to the bottom of the sea.

 This game is the biggest and most multifaceted naval battle--you will be manning steel boats, Cruisers, Destroyers and even pilot Aircraft carriers! 

You can go on solo missions to showcase your heroism and flawless strategy. Or team up with your friends and design your tactical plans and execute them perfectly to show your enemies who the real master of the high seas is.

You would need to have your wits about you and the proper strategy...so think like a Naval officer because this game is not playing around. It is intense out there in the open waters and enemies will blast you with missiles, torpedoes, heavy artillery from all sides. So if you’re into this kind of thing...this game is perfect for you!

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