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Best Offline Games on MyAppFree
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Best Offline Games

Playing off the grid

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Sometimes your internet connection decides to take a break, and then you realize, without the internet, you can’t do anything. Well, except keeping yourself busy by playing games. Then it hits you: all your games require an internet connection to play.

Other times you’re at a friend’s or a family gathering, and the connection is really slow. Your games take ages to load, and you can’t go home.

But there’s a lifesaver—offline games. With the increasing affordability of smartphones, these addictive games have become popular, especially because they don’t require the internet to play.

Many other games are cloud-based, and without a Wi-Fi connection or data plan, you can’t play. But with offline games, you only need Wi-Fi to download them, then you can play without the need of a connection.

Here are the five best offline games you should try, so next time your Wi-Fi connection decides to take a sabbatical, you’ll have something to keep you busy. These games are available for both Android and iOS.

1. Crossy road is the highly addictive game that took the world by storm!

Crossy Road

With a whopping 200 million+ downloads, Crossy Road is the game virtually everyone is hooked on. And honestly, I’m not surprised. This game has truly cracked the code for being the top viral hit! The premise is simple. Navigate by tapping on the screen to allow your avatar (you start out as a chicken) to hop forward. The thrilling, yet challenging part of the game are the obstacles that get in your way. Be sure to look both ways! You might get run over by a car. Also, time your jumps perfectly or else you’d fall into the water. The game is endless. If you “die” you just continue. You will be playing in other landscapes as the levels progress. There’s the candy wonderland, the harsh & cold Arctic, and even train tracks.The 8-bit type of animation is also extremely appealing--for all ages!Grab this app right now! Hop your way over to the Store, because this game is free![[badge_download]]

2. Once Upon a Tower is a medieval action quick-play offline game with a perfect princess, powerful enemy, quest, a knight, a medieval castle, a dragon, among other features.

Once Upon a Tower

You are the princess locked in an old castle on a high tower guarded by a dragon. Grab the knight’s hammer and escape to the bottom of the tower.The enemy becomes eviler as you descend. Also, look out for the dragon. Every adventure is different, and failing means you’ll have to start again at the top of the tower.Choose the perfect princess, use different powerups to make her strong on each level, and escape the enemy.

3. Eternium is an Action RPG offline game. You can play as a Warrior, Mage, or Bounty Hunter with an ax, gun, staff, or sword. Increase your abilities by leveling up.


Explore forests, dark caves, graveyards, dungeons, or go to the moon and slay strange creatures in the red planet’s canyons, deserts, jungles, and pyramids.Battle dragons, aliens, automatons, zombies, skeletons, and other creatures in the four handcrafted worlds. Find treasure chests and loot battle gear, gemstones, and gold.Rescue your companions—healer, tanker, and ranger—who come with powerful abilities. Hunt and fight your enemy, Ragadom, then uncover and undo his sinister plans.This game offers much more, including 20 skills and spells, offensive abilities, and an endless progression of randomly generated levels.

4. This multiplayer game aims at creating the biggest crowd in the city.

Crowd City

Crowd City is all about bringing people together. You start alone as you run around the city looking for other people to join you and form a crowd. Run into a neutral NPC and convince other people to join your party. The aim is to create the largest crowd in the city in the shortest time possible.Assimilate as many people as possible. You only need to approach a random person with a neutral color. They’ll automatically join you and attain your color. However, other players in other groups can consume your members if their group is larger than yours. But the good news is, as long as your crowd is larger, you can also consume theirs.Create the largest group and become the leader you want to be.

5. Alto and his friends go on an endless sandboarding journey to explore the vast and majestic desert behind the horizon. Join them as they explore The Temples, The Canyons, The Dunes, and The Lost City in Alto’s Odyssey.

Alto's Odyssey

Unlock six characters, each with unique abilities. There are moving grind rails, wing suiting, wall riding, and hot air balloons to explore the sky. Each of these landscapes has unique visuals and gameplay.The desert has weather effects like shooting stars and sandstorms, dynamic lighting, rushing water, and swirling wind vortexes.The Zen mode is meditative with no powerups, coins, or scores, just you and the desert. To take photos, turn on the Photo Mode, pan and zoom from the pause screen to take a shot, then share with family and friends.
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