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Best Arcade Games on MyAppFree
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Best Arcade Games

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Welcome to millennial childhood where the arcade games are on the rise. Usually an after school event for the kids of the ‘80s and ‘90s or sometimes a skipping school event (don’t tell anyone!). Going to the arcade in the olden days is such a delight whether alone or with friends, playing epic arcade games like Street Fighter or Mortal Combat. 

Since the rise of technology, arcade games may not be everywhere anymore but a rare opportunity to experience these arcade games is still alive in some areas and definitely available as downloadable apps we will mention below. We compiled some of these games so you can either know what to expect or just download them all!

1. If you’re looking for a fresh take on a retro arcade game, then Dan is the man!

Dan the Man

After giving this game a try and investing hours into the story mode...I can safely say that Dan the Man is a fun, well-designed game with a unique storyline. This makes it highly replayable. Each level is filled with interesting secrets to unlock.  The level of difficulty is intensified each level with the introduction of new enemies to vanquish. The story mode will also keep you on your toes and make you employ different strategies--charge attacks, grab, punches, jumps, shooting-- in order to defeat a variety of enemies.  The game has an excellent look as well. It immediately takes you back to the times when arcade games littered practically store across the world. The jumping, jabbing, secret areas and the general gameplay pay tribute to the classic 80s-90s games we all love. Check it out now for FREE!   [[badge_download]]

2. Angry Birds 2 is just as good as its predecessor but is twice the amount of fun and entertainment!

Angry Birds 2

Most of us have played and grown to love Angry Birds since its conception 10 years ago. And what’s not to like about this game? From the storyline--flightless birds seek revenge against the menacing green pigs that stole their eggs, down to the engaging and explosive gameplay...Angry birds is the perfect formula of a highly replayable game.Even though this is the nth game of the Angry Birds franchise, the hype is still very much alive! This new installment is still as thrilling as the original, but with a few new twists and surprises and of course, better graphics!Each new level is popping with vibrancy and color. Accompanied by amazing sound design.Check the game out for yourself and be part of the hundreds of millions of people who are in on the craze. Play for free![[badge_download]]

3. Feed the hungry and fierce shark with fishes, birds whales, and even some humans.

Hungry Shark World

It brings about the blood lust in games that you have been waiting for. The best thing about this game aside from satiating the feeding frenzy of the shark in action, you would be able to learn about the 33 species of sharks. Although, in this world of arcade game, you can equip your sharks with snazzy jaws and customizable skin. What’s most entertaining is that you can actually dress your shark to the nines with headphones, umbrella. The bolder, the better and the fiercer your shark is!It is super fun wading through the vast oceans in the world with 20 different missions. It can be hilarious but it can also be an informative kind of game that will make you aware and give some love to the sharks. Controls are easy to use and super entertaining. The graphics are absolutely awesome too. With all things said, this is a game that compels you to come back and play more. Both available on Google Play and App Store.
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